Tuesday, October 30, 2018

From Vince Torti

I had lunch with Bruce and Irene Schiller and Dennis Belk recently - it was Les Moonves Pennsylvania farewell party. Bruce is still there - he wants to work till he's 70. I keep telling him there been a guarantee on lifespan since Moses, but he says he still likes being around all the new fangled things at work.
, Have you heard from Irwin or Tony lately ? Back in May, a group of us got together in Bernardsville ( Mary Lou/Ken, Bruce/Irene, Choi and myself ) and Choi persuaded Joe Symanski to come. He's now 86 but looked almost the same as the day he retired(  although somewhat tanner ). It seems that the old Control group is now octogenarian - perhaps Bruce is right- who'll be the first centenarian?