Monday, February 19, 2018



I am now recovering very well from my third Heart Procedure   No 1 was a stent placement in 2002, No 2 was a triple bypass in 2004, and on Jan 19 had a TAVR procedure (aortic valve replacement).  Downside is that we cancelled a cruise scheduled tor early next month.  however, should be in fine fettle for next cruise either later this year of early next year.   Will go to a micro-luncheon with Cliff Rice after our winter residents return to their non-subtropical home sites. If y'all have any other happy news please submit it to our website.   Also, my visual impairment has been stable for quite a few years and that the VA has introduced me to a lot of nice Visual Aids (toys to assist the little forward vision that remains).  Jackie is also doing well, still full of P&V, allows me to play boss once in  a while.  Please note that the once in a while are growing much further apart.  Lastly, congratulations to our 11 yo grandson who took GOLD in California JOAD competition for his age group. He also finished  4th in either national or inter-national competition, never got the story straight.  JOAD is Junior Olympic Archery Development.

Les Burkhardt