Friday, December 23, 2016

Bob Guercio Passing

Bob Guercio was ill for nearly a year, after he completely lost use of his legs.  He was being cared for by our local hospice organization for the last couple of weeks.  So far, it appears he will be cremated and probably placed in a V.A, cemetery, no public services.
Bob has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and joined our close circle of friends.
George Gray
David Minott

Bob Guercio

Sorry to report the passing of Bob Guercio, W2HCL.
Bob was a good friend and always had an interesting story to relate.
We spent many happy trips to pick up large quantities of pistachios,
to distribute to fellow Engineers at the Broadcast Center!
After about distributing around 500 pounds, we were politely asked to stop, because the janitorial staff was complaining about the thick coating of shells on the B.C. floors!

As more information is received, it will be posted here.

David Minott
George Gray