Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Naeder, Sr. Addendum

Bill Naeder Jr’s phone number is: 917-834-3212917-834-3212, and he prefers phone (rather than email) contact, so give him a call for the detailed info.

I spoke yesterday with Joe Marcus (who works with Billy on the Early Show).. and he said that Bill Sr, had suffered a fall, and broke his collar bone.  And while in the hospital, they discovered an advanced cancer, which was not treatable.  So, he went back home, and I believe was receiving hospice care, before he passed (which I think was on Sunday or Monday past.).
Reported by Ray Sills
The next CBS Retirees Luncheon will be held at Regina's Steak House in Teaneck, NJ, on May 17th.
Full information will appear on our website, shortly.
The address will be posted in the next blog.



Sad news... Bill Naeder, Sr. has passed away.

No further information at present, but Bill Naeder, Jr. can
be reached at: Bill02 at but he only checks this
address, sporadically.

Relayed from Ray Sills