Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Hello Retired CBS Engineers Association,
I found your website while doing research for our Walter Cronkite Memorial
here at Missouri Western State University.  I am sure your members have
many fond and interesting memories of Walter.  I have been researching the
CBS studios for quite some time now.  We are currently building a replica
of the 1968 television studio for people to enjoy.  They will be able to
sit at the desk and hear the sounds of a television studio.  We were able
to obtain two of the original CBS PC-70 cameras that were from an adjacent
studio in the building.  They are amazing.  The pedestals are not the
correct model but are correct for the time and all I could come up with.  I
have attached a photo of camera we are working on right now.
 I was wondering if your members would be willing to share any photo's they
had of Walter in action or of equipment and sets that he worked on.  If
they had memorabilia from the time that they would like to donate or loan
we would love to discuss that as well.
I work in technology so am just amazed at the ingenuity that members of
your organization have and what they were able to do with the cutting edge
technology they had.  It is truly amazing.
I can be reached via this email address or at the contact info below.
Thank you for your time.

The Walter Cronkite Memorial was dedicated on Missouri Western State
Universities campus on November, 4th 2103.
Several new displays have been added since then and can be seen listed at
The family continues to be involved with the work done in the memorial and
is very excited to see the new developments.
Our president, Dr. Robert Vartabedian, has written two plays portraying
Walter Cronkite.  The first, titled "Cronkite: A Live Multimedia
Performance",  has been well received and was an official entrant for a
special Pulitzer Prize in drama see more info at
The second play, titled "Harry & Walter: Missouri's Sons", is still in
the editing phase and is expected to be performed in November.
We anticipate having as our special guests U.S. Senator Roy Blunt and CBS
President, Les Moonves for our yearly celebration which will be on November
9th this year.  The event is scheduled to include:  A performance of Cronkite: A Live Multimedia Performanc, a ceremony unveiling the "Set of
the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite" (Phase 3 of the Cronkite
Memorial), and the Premiere public performance of "Harry & Walter:
Missouri's Native Sons".
We are already working on potential events and displays for 2016 in which
we will be celebrating 100 year birthday of Walter.

Thank you,  Cori Criger
Cori Criger

Instructional Technology Director
Instructional Media Center

Walter Cronkite Memorial Curator

Missouri Western State University
4525 Downs Drive
Hearnes Center, Room 149
St. Joseph, Missouri  64507