Saturday, March 14, 2015

Obit for Tony Tobia

Sad News

Tony Tobia passed away on Thursday March 12.  Please notify CBS retirees.
George Gray

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Extra Plastic

A notice about those extra CVS Caremark cards!

We just called CVS Caremark and they were basically clueless!
To date, we have received at least 16 identical prescription cards.
They said that they would put something on our account to block
any further card mailings.

Jorge Moran has also received as many, and I am sure that all enrollees have received them, as well!

Can you just imagine how many extra cards have been mailed?
It's got to be in the thousands, or maybe even the tens of thousands!

Tony Tobia

Unhappy tidings.  Tony Tobia's daughter called me yesterday, he is in a hospice facility in Saddle River, NJ.  Went to see him today, he is loaded with tubes, dosed with morphine.  Did not open his eyes the entire time I was there.  Appears to have only days left.
George Gray