Wednesday, January 28, 2015

From Les Burkhardt:

Now that the latest  Super Bowl is upon us, I told friends about the preparation for the first SB. I think that the revenue for a 30 second spot was something like $25,000.  Worked our tails off on Saturday preparing the PC room for the next day.  Can't remember if it was PC 31 or 32 nor if a co-ord studio or remote feed was used, does anyone recall?  Both CBS and NBC telecast the game, second SB was telecast by CBS and different networks each year thereafter.  I think the fee for commercial at 30 seconds was $35,000.

Don't know the truth of this info..But here goes.
During the early days of TV,  stations were required to broadcast a certain amount of time to Public Service spots, however, the  product advertisers wanted  all of the commercial time available.  This left no time for the public service spots which led to the birth of the late show.