Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When I first started at the B.C. in 1970, I was in the construction shop and one of the older guys, ("rubber hose" - Frank Galucci?) took me around the B.C. and introduced me to dozens of workers. Everyone should have an experience like that!
Another interesting pair was Hugo Ripp and Henry Korkus. I worked with both of them on several projects. Towards the end of his life, Korkus was really able to only communicate with Hugo, me and the equipment! Don't know if you heard the story, but Henry got more and more introverted and more and more depressed. He was a survivor of one of the Nazi death camps. They had gassed him and he almost lost his voice. Management gave him a leave of absence and he went over to Black Rock, took an elevator to a high floor and dropped down the elevator shaft. They said it was an accident, but I don't think so.
Hugo was an interesting guy. He designed much of the electronics, especially the computerization, for the B.C. and, I will close with Harvie Schwartz, Jr!

Harvie was a manager in Video Tape, at one point. That was pretty funny, because he was totally color blind! He also was involved in an accident many years before CBS where a TV picture tube imploded on his head, causing a concussion. From that time on, he would doze off while talking to you and awaken 5-6 minutes later, carrying on the conversation just where he left off! 
If any of you have similar recollections, please forward them for publishing here!