Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Charles Bonnet

Sad but True!

There is no treatment of proven effectiveness for CBS. Some people experience CBS for anywhere from a few days up to many years, and these hallucinations can last only a few seconds or continue for most of the day. For those experiencing CBS, knowing that they are suffering from this syndrome and not a mental illness seems to be the best treatment so far, as it improves their ability to cope with the hallucinations. Most people with CBS meet their hallucinations with indifference, but they can still be disturbing because they may interfere with daily life. It seems that there are a few activities that can make the hallucinations stop although many people are not aware of these. Interrupting vision for a short time by closing the eyes or blinking is sometimes helpful.

This refers to a medical disorder called Charles Bonnet syndrome, hence, the "CBS".

Here is a link to a Wikipedia article about the syndrome: