Friday, December 13, 2013

Howie Passing

Howie Purnick

It is with great sorrow in my heart to let you know that Howie passed away
on Thanksgiving Day.  He left us on a day that we give thanks for the
blessings that we receive in our lives, and Howie was truly one of them.  I
am doing this by E-mail, as I find that I really cannot talk about it yet
without getting choked up.  It is true that we had not lived  together for
over a year, but that did not mean that we still didn't love one another and
care about one another.  Being with and taking care of someone for over 25
years means that they are forever etched in your heart.  I try to think of
all the good days and good times and smile when I remember his last words to
me.  So may you rest in peace Howie, you really put up a great fight and
lived as well as you could for as long as you could.   I know that one day
we will meet again. but for now, thanks for the ride honey, it was truly a
memorable one.  You knew you had my love forever, Vida