Friday, October 25, 2013

I regret to inform you that my dear uncle, Lloyd Blackledge, passed away on October 10 at 92 years young.  He went peacefully in his sleep with no signs of distress the day before.  In fact, it seemed his favorite daily line was, "I'm just fine."  Every night he thanked me or his aide at the time for the wonderful job we did.  He was always pleasant even through the hardships of working with the results of a stroke.  He never lost hope, in fact, he reprimanded me for wasting money buying the one-year subscription for Popular Science instead of the cheaper three-year one.

We came to the last luncheon in the spring at a restaurant in Teaneck.  He had been embarrassed that he needed to come in a wheelchair, but I believe once he got to his seat he didn't think about it again.  Those at our table were so kind and so many others came over to talk with him.  Everyone made him feel so welcome and many asked him to come to the October luncheon.  That really made him feel wonderful, and he spoke about it for many days.

I would like to send the obituary to you via email when my scanner is up and working again.  I wanted to send it to his closest friends from CBS but I don't really know who they are.  I remember one fellow named Bob Perringer and his wife, Berta (I believe).  I have phoned and sent an e-mail but have received no response.  I'm thinking they may be south for the winter.

I know Lloyd was very proud to work at and retire from CBS and enjoyed working with such wonderful people.  Thank you for all you did to help put joy in his life.  I know he would want me to thank everyone.



Friday, October 18, 2013

October15, 2013 Swan Club Luncheon Attendees
Betty                                                Bluethgen
Tony & Florence                      Casola
Stephen                                             DeIeso
Pete, family & guest                  Deller
Phil                                                     Gale
Al & Cheryl                                Golly
Henry & Grace                            Guarini
John & Carol                                Karpus
Josephine                                              Kavanagh
Jurgen                                                    Kirleis
Ben                                                         Link
Ernie & Joan & guests            Lowe
Dave & Holly                                  Minott
Ted & Pat                                        Perzeszty
Irwin & guest (Joan)                       Solow
Angelo                                                     Sticca
Jerry, Beatrice, & Dorothy              Sullivan
Ben & guest                                     Taussig
Lou                                                           Wiggan

The next mini-lunch date is Thursday, November 21st. at 1:00 P.M. which will be held at the Valbrook Diner in Valley Stream. The Valbrook is located at 160 East Merrick Road. You can take Merrick Road or Sunrise Highway to get there. Their phone number is 516-872-0465. If you are heading East on Merrick Rd, it will be on your right-hand side. If you pass Addison Place, the Two Guys auto shop, or the railroad trestle, you've gone too far! Heading West on Merrick Rd., when you see the railroad trestle, it will be coming up quickly on your left. There is metered parking in front and free parking in the lot behind the diner. If you are using Sunrise Highway heading East, make a left turn on Horton Ave and then another left on Merrick Rd. Heading West, turn right on Horton Ave., then left at the next traffic light, onto Merrick Rd. and continue, just past the trestle. All retirees and future retirees (and their spouses) are welcome to join us!