Saturday, May 18, 2013

Some big 65th anniversaries coming up

Network TV as we know it really got started in the spring of 1948, as all three networks (NBC, CBS, DuMont) began building their weeknight schedules to cover the entire week.  (ABC would join them as 1948 rolled along).
CBS had begun a regular newscast and would introduce a new variety show in June called “Toast of the Town”, while NBC was introducing their new variety series “Texaco Star Theater”.
In July CBS introduced a new primetime quiz program called “Winner Take All”, the first TV game show produced by a new production company called Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions.  It introduced the novel idea of having contestants compete against each other.
And a late afternoon show “Howdy Doody” (actually “Puppet Playhouse”….I am not sure when the name of the show was changed) was so popular that Howdy took a stab at running for President.
June 2013 almost marks an historic achievement….Don Pardo begins his 70th year in his association with NBC…(Don’s voice has been heard on NBC in parts of now 8 different decades)
Dave Schwartz