Friday, November 09, 2012


Just received this from Gayle De Poli:

I found out Thursday morning via a Facebook post from Rupert's son, Rob Bruce that Rupert has passed away. The list of shows that Rupert stage managed at CBS read like the history of the network. The only details I know are from his postings with some photos. I'll include them here. Can you pass post on the website?

Good night sweet Prince, it was a hell of a ride. R.I.P

My Dad circa 1947 with Carl Reiner in Call Me Mister. The ride begins...

This was a show with Lucille Ball and Shirley McClain. The production number was " Its not how you start, Its How you Finish"

Part of a tough stage managers job in 1985

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

I hope you are all safe and sound. We have been without power, heat and regular telephone service since Oct. 29th at 3:15 PM.
Our house is now down to 48 degrees and we have relocated nearby to a friend's house with power.
We cannot get any information from LIPA (our local power authority) as to when power will be restored.
We do have a neighbor who is watching our house and feeding our kittykat.

Fortunately, the only damage (so far) is we lost two large trees in front of our house, but they missed the house and the cars!

We lost around $200 worth of food from the fridge and freezer. To add insult to insult, we also just got hit by a Nor'easter. It took me 4 hours to travel 12 miles!

Now using friend's computer, so will be brief.

Our hearts go out to all our retirees that were impacted by these disasters.