Friday, October 26, 2012

While still working it's a bit hard to get to the luncheons but I will make a special effort for the next one as I live close by in Jersey.
I don't know how close you keep up to what's going on in the BC.
Right now they have almost demolished the entire BOC area and soon it will be clean and empty waiting for the new TX, Air Control and Satellite areas.
I will be taking pictures as it moves along. I have some of the demolition. I also have pictures of the building up of the MDC.
It's amazing how complex MDC is. It makes everything else look like toys. However, I think we had the most fun in the old PC rooms.
I still have the ON-AIR light from the outside of the PC rooms and it's connected to a light switch in my house.
I am in touch with Dave Kaplan, who is doing pretty well and enjoying his retirement.

All the best.