Saturday, July 28, 2012

Strike it Rich

I went thru the many scans of tickets I have for Strike it Rich (CBS 1951-58) and have come up with this studio info:
The daytime version premiered in May 1951 and seems to have originated most of the time from studio 60 (Lincoln Square). I do have one ticket for a Friday May 18th, 1951 show from studio 59.
By the summer of 1952, Strike it Rich had moved to studio 51, where it stayed until 1954
By the summer of 1956, the show was now originating from studio 62 (The Big Payoff came from studio 62 in the afternoon from 1953 to 1959). Strike it Rich remained there until it was replaced by Dotto in January 1958.
I only had two tickets to the nighttime version, which aired on CBS from 1951 to 1955. Both of my tickets are from the summer of 1951, with the originating from studio 60.

David Schwartz
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