Tuesday, June 19, 2012



Received the following from Bill Naeder yesterday, who received it from Charlie Wyker

Dear Bill,  
Frank Trizano passed away last Tuesday. We had a wake for him at the funeral home Wednesday evening which was attended by Ralph Ciurleo, Bruce from Sports and the Boss, Ken Aagard (after our time).

I think Frank died of a massive heart attack after being diabetic since age 23. We had a very fine Catholic ceremony for him in a wonderful church and he was well spoken for by both his friends and members of the church, even I made a Eulogy. I was one of 6 pall bearers and we put him in the hearse at the end and off he went for cremation (his choice). It was a most sorrowful day, honest. The entire group came to my house to celebrate his life and times and he was remembered well and often. So, say goodbye to another one of us but stay well and happy yourself. I think of you very often and you and Lucy have my love and best wishes.
And please follow my advice---KEEP BREATHING!

All my love,
Howie Purnick

Saturday, June 09, 2012

BOC is demolished. Long live MDC !!!
Does anyone know if Vern Gamble, Ted Miller or any of the older,
retired TD's are still around?