Thursday, May 03, 2012

This is Mark Robbins (W2MR). My dad (Nat Robbins) worked for CBS at GCT
and the Broadcast Center from 1951-1985.

This message is about Steve Mendelsohn (W2ML) who worked at CBS in the
70's and 80's. I received this from Pete Adley (W2HP) about Steve's

He is in Hospice at home. Very weak and needs help sitting up. We were
over to visit. So sad! He is the communications man for NY Jets. Friday
Rex Ryan and 4 other Jets came to see him at his home.

Skin and bone. maybe less than 100 lbs. I call and talk regularly. Years
ago we were good friends. I gravitated away as Steve, like me, is strong
willed, but when I heard 1 1/2 years ago about his cancer, we met and hugged.
Very emotional for me and him. His wife Heidi and Kathy are good friends

He maybe has 4 to 6 weeks at best.