Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Reminiscences from Nat Robbins son:
My father worked in Rockleigh on the EVR project also. He preferred Manhattan to bucolic Rockleigh. I remember a "flash" photo lab on the 56th street side by the loading dock/garage. Film crews would bring in raw 16 mm b/w film and have it quickly developed and sent to Telecine. There was a film chain was set up to run negative film (electronically reveresed it) for air if there wasn't time to print the film. Long before E.N.G.!

He told me that he and his brother built a shortwave receiver when they were kids and each had an earpiece in bed listen to foreign broadcast stations. The radio sat on a table between the two beds. My grandmother used to get angry when he would spill battery acid on the carpet while dragging in batteries to power the family radio. No A/C powered home radios yet.

I put a CB radio in his car when that was a fad in the late 70's. "His handle" was "Grandpa" - actual callsign was KAZW2734. Never got his ham ticket though.

I'll try to dredge up more memories.

Mark Robbins