Thursday, April 05, 2012

Dear CBS Retirees,
As a huge fan of the Golden Age, and as a Television Historian, it does my heart good to read your messages posted here and the many detailed reminiscences of your time at a great network.
I’m writing to ask for your help in preserving this glorious past in three ways. First, I would love to have any pictures you are willing to share that were taken in the studios or on location that show the cameras and equipment in use so I can share them on my website, You can send photo files via email, or if you have snapshots, by regular mail and I’ll scan them and send them back.
Second, I am quite interested in adding to a new Oral History project I’ve started to preserve the experiences of those that were that were there on the ground floor of an industry that changed the world. The first audio interviews can be heard here in the First Person story. Even if you are not interested in being recorded, it would still be an honor to speak with you and I hope you will call just to chat.
Third, I would like to do a detailed story on the CBS Broadcast Center and on Studio 50, The Ed Sullivan Theatre. I want to visit both places and take a lot of photos, but unfortunately, I don’t have the kind of friends at CBS that I do at NBC and ABC…the kind that will give you a REAL tour and show you everything. Any of you that can help with an introduction to current CBS employees with a love of history, please let me know.
I think that Dave has done a great job with this new blog, and I would like to let him, and all of you, know that in the past year, I have also added a major blog extension to the main Eyes Of A Generation website. I’ve added hundreds of new items to the new Facebook page at To see this, just click the link…you do not have to be a Facebook member or sign up to see what’s here, so please visit and enjoy!
Many thanks to each and all of you for your efforts in making broadcast television what it is today…it was all built on your accomplishments in the rich fabric of a time that has past, but has not been forgotten!
Bobby Ellerbee 678-963-0869
p.s. I’m quite anxious to make contact with Harold Deppe and Gady Reinhold.