Tuesday, January 17, 2012

With some reluctance, I am posting a private letter which I received from Tony Alred in December of 1992. I have omitted certain private references, however, I feel that it should be known. Here is the letter:

Hi Dave,
I'm having to do my Christmas cards  early this year before I completely lose the strength to do it. I am fast coming down with cancer - lung, throat and brain. This is the large cell, fast growing type that is in my bloodstream. I have completed the treatment for the brain and will start the chemotherapy treatments for lung and throat next week,
provided I feel like it. At present, I have no hair, my ears and forehead are burned to a crisp and I feel terrible. I am sorry to give you this unwanted information, but you may want to pass the word to the rest of my friends up there.

Dave, having known you over the last number of years has been a real pleasure.
I hope I can be focused in your mind from time to time.
Best ever,

Tony crossed the Rainbow Bridge soon after writing this.
And, yes, I do think of him from time to time.