Monday, January 09, 2012

From Mark Ogden

Edward Murrow's make-up woman was the late, great Frances Arvold. In addition to her long years of service at CBS, she will be remembered for a moment of TV history: she was the make-up woman whose services Richard Nixon refused just prior to the Kennedy-Nixon WBBM debates in 1960. I'm sure all of you remember the rest of that story. Fran was just getting ready for retirement when I started in 1982, but I worked with her a few times and remember her as a very classy and gracious woman. There is a memorial plaque to her in the make-up room near the entrance to the Evening News studio.

Speaking of longevity in make-up women, you will all be happy to know that Jay Johnson's wife, the wonderful Florence "Rikki" Johnson, is still going strong nearing her sixtieth . . . that's right 6-0 . . . year of working at CBS. She is the make-up woman for "60 Minutes", "Sunday Morning" and occasionally the Evening News, and was the make-up woman on the Sullivan Show the night the Beatles appeared. I hope to have her stamina someday!

Mark Ogden