Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hi Harold....I remember it first day at CBS-TV in January of 1950. I worked on the "Studio One" show which originated from Studio 42 in Grand Central. Joe Calvanico was audio, Hal Classon and Bill Guyon on camera and I provided the recorded music. I even remember the name of the theme music. It was a 78 rpm record called "Prelude To The Stars". Frank Schafner was the director. In one scene on Studio One we actually used that long hallway that ran from the 15 Vanderbilt reception desk past Studios 42, 44, and 41 to Telecine. It was supposed to represent a prison hallway to the electric chair. It was very effective. I guess there are very few people who remember that era but I know you do. If there any others out would be nice hearing from them.

Best regards....Jay Chichon