Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This is for Harold Deppe

Hi Harold here's another fugitive from Grand Central Maintenance, Joe Janovsky by name, also known as W2ovf. Still here, but barely hanging on. 84 last August. I remember the days when Don Hastings was the boss--we called him 1066, though not to his face. Interesting guy--he was supposedly an authority on the color schemes and markings of World War I aircraft. Those were the old black and white days when the Cronkite news came out of studio 41, with Walter sitting on a platform before a rear screen which was fed from behind by an Eidophor, operated then by Sol Train. Walter would stop by the shop sometimes and we would talk about sailboats and sailing. Another one in our group then was Al Charters, I believe. We took care of all the studios on that floor--41,42,44, and maybe even 43--my memory gets hazy. Keep well, and keep in touch.