Thursday, September 22, 2011

OK, so lets go back 60 (or more ) years-------Let's look at it from the maintenance perspective -------
Setting the background -------
At 55 East 52nd Street ------
Henry Korkes --Audio Maint.Supv.
Mason Escher--EIC.
(General) Jack Norton in Radio Master Control

As I recall, the late night Music Show with Bob Hall was called "Music 'Til Dawn"----and at that time I would check with Fred Barbiere, who was doing the show at that time, to be sure all was well prior to my going home----
However, as I was about to leave for the day, the phone rang----It was Mason Escher telling me to get up to see Jack Norton in MC, because what was known as the "BNC KEY", had fallen apart ---- The "BNC KEY", for the Operations people who never worked in TR 11, was the way you broke away from the Network, inserted Commercials, promos, etc. and then switched back to the NET.------Rather important, Eh what-----

And with Mason Escher and Jack Norton looking over my shoulder, the KEY was replaced...

Of course the big thing now was,-------would the Key work when it came time to switch back to the NET.---We all (at least I did) held our breath when Jack threw the Key----
By Golly it worked-----Big Smile on everyone's face-----
Left for home at 3:30 am----

Submitted by - Gene Pasculli