Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Radio Studio1-TV Studio 71‏

Radio Studio 1-TV Studio 71‏

A quick update on my wife's condition. Ann had surgery Monday for stomach cancer and came through VERY well. Thanks for the prayers and good wishes. The lower part of her stomach was removed and the surgeon is very optimistic at her prognosis. No necessity for chemo. She may be home in the next three or four days. Then, this former EMT plays nurse. (People are trusting, aren't they?)

I was looking for information on The War of The Worlds broadcast and came across the statement that the program came from Radio Studio 1 on the 20th floor at 485 Madison. An answer to an earlier question I posted said - IF I remember correctly - that Studio 1 became TV Studio 71? When did that happen and is there any information as to how extensively it would have been renovated? If anyone saw the ABC movie "The Night That Panicked America", can you comment on how authentic Studio 1 was recreated for the film?

If my earlier message didn't make it,Wikipedia posted that Lee Vines, who announced, "What's My Line?" and other programs, died at age 92 on July 9th. He passed from complications of pneumonia and a fall he suffered at a convalescent facility in North Hollywood, Los Angeles. Born in Brantford, Ontario on April 11, 1919, he immigrated to the U.S. In 1943, he enlisted in the United States Army and served in the E.T.O.

He announced, "The Name's The Same", ""Password All-Stars" and "Hallmark Hall of Fame". He also acted on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and VO'd the animated series "Hong Kong Phooey". He is survived by his wife, Catherine, son Jim, daughter Carol and a granddaughter. (Info courtesy of Wikipedia.)