Thursday, June 09, 2011

I marvel at Stan's (last name escapes me) phenomenal memory having read two of his pieces recently on the CBS Website. I say that because I am the one and only individual, still alive and sassy, at 91 on 6/24/11, who ran the production team and facility of my studio St.72 who is in a position to accurately judge his claims. His recall is fine tuned to a fault.
As a matter of fact I was the single one engineer representing Television Technical Operations (TVTO) and General Engineering in the overall design and construction of my passion, ST.72 working in liason between the two departmemnts involved.
It was my job initially to act as the clearing house for General Engineering's Dick Obrien, Blair Benson and ultimately Howard Chinn for design approval forthcoming from CBS's Operations group. What General Engineering proposed had to be accepted as workable and practcal for use in broacast operations.
In preparations for this job I spent 5 years working under the genius,Dr. Peter Goldmark in the development of the very first practical and workable color television system.
No one was ever better prepared to run this operation than was "Kusuris and he did run it always at peak performance usually beating out, with glee,  his arch enemy, NBC-TV.  
To this very day, no Television Operations unit has ever surpassed the excellence and performance of this group and that was why we were always able to produce the impossible results that people remember and are able today to relate as Stan has just proven.
I did have an uncanny ability to select the very best and finest personnel from the whole lot, which is why every single individual on my team was the absolute tops in his assigned job.
  Personal to Stan: I would not have felt as I do had you chose simply to forget my name but you didn't and that's my reason for responding.
I will never ever accept the notion that you did not recall how to spell my name not when you, in you forceful manner, displayed a mind boggling ability to relate names, factions and events with total and minute accurracy from some 50 years ago. Truly a remarkable phenomenon.
One regret Stan, old by, I really am disappointed that you apparently never made the effort to check on my name when everything else in your writings simply reek of research accurracy.
When a fact is important to an idividual make every effort to guarntee accuract in your reporting.
 Side note: I know of what I speak as of this week I completed my third book in 10 years covering my life and efforts while making sure that my 4 grandchildren will gain.

John Koushouris