Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stan Mitchell Remrmbers
( CBS Remotes and Vacations )
After working 7 years for RCA and an Educational Station.-----------
I started working with CBS at the age of 30. I started in maintenance . I then became an ass’t Supervisor in Special Electronics Effects with Frank Florio. I worked in Studio 72 (early days Color in the experimental Studio), CBS News with Walter Conkite , Captain Kangaroo, Various Soap Operas, (in fact I did a show for them in the Bahamas), 60 Minutes, You Are There, Election Night (many years) , Evening Local and Network News, Ed Sullivan Sunday Night Theater (many years), Jackie Gleason Show of Shows (New York and Florida), Cinderella, Aladdin, (The first 2 shows of 90 minutes in experimental Color) and various other shows. I was made a full Supervisor in charge of Studio Crews (7 Studios and 3 Theaters). I did 20 years of NFL (football), Super Bowls (all that CBS did), NHL (hockey), Many Golf tournement including “The Masters”(many times), Ski Championships, and Ice Skating Shows, Skiing Championships at Stowe Vt and at Great Gorge, The World of Tennis, The Space Shots at Cape Kennedy (Cape Canaveral Florida) and Moon landing With Walter Cronkite News Specials. I was Remote Truck Supervisor for about 8 years. It was the first Plumb icon remote Color truck. I traveled all over the US--including Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands. I went to China with Nixon in 1972, (6 Weeks) I went to Japan to cover the Worlds Fair. I believe I was one of first ones to put a Camera in a Goodyear Blimp and did the Blimp on many remotes for football and golf. like the Kentucky Derby (many times)..The Preakness and Belmont Triple Crown many times. I did The Statue of Liberty (100th Anniversary) in the Blimp and from Governors Island (a second time) for CBS News. I spent, in all, 20 years doing NFL Football as a Supervisor on Remotes.
After 20 years in CBS NEW YORK, I went to Washington DC for a position as an EIC (Engineer in Charge) to work for Hy Badler in Washington DC's News Bureau. Under Hy Badler, (VP), as an EIC in charge of maintenance, microwave (a daily occurrence in Washington) and all Remotes. It was quite a job. I did most of the political jobs in Washington but I still did NFL Games and the Redskins and the Bullets games for CBS Sports NY, especially when they won the championships. I did White House Press Conferences in the Oval Office and I knew four Presidents.  I did most Press Conferences in the East Room.

White House Press Room Conferences around town, Christmas Tree lighting., etc. I did 2 President Inaugural parades, the President’s State of the Union Address’s from the Capital for 3 years. Many other political events. At the same time, Hy Badler let me do my own thing. That is WORK for CBS Sports and News in New York. I continued to do NFL Sports and News for NEW YORK under the graces of Art Jensen and Jim Paterson. I retired after 10 years from CBS. I also did a remote, thanks to George Zavalas. CBS New York in Austria at Gras--Zeltweg (spell?) to do a Grand Prix auto race, and traveled throughout Austria. We had a private helicopter to take us to the race site and back. It was nice to fly over the Austrian Alps each morning and night when we were done. From there we took a week vacation and traveled through Germany, Switzerland, France and visited such places as Nice, Monaco, Cannes and Aux en Provence on the way to do another remote in Viareggio Italy, a Light Heavy Weight Boxing Match, then on to Rome. I did a remote for CBS News in Normandy, France. It was the 50th anniversary of “D” Day Landings. It was at the Cemetery in Normandy and another one was at Point Du OC. We took off after this one and traveled all over Normandy and Brittany mostly along the coast to all the small villages on the Atlantic. Mostly in Normandy and Brittany and then down to the South of France. I once did a remote in Bethlehem, Israel teaching (Class room style) Television and how to do Remotes to the Israelis. It was 1967 and just as the 6 day war was ending it was for propaganda purposes. CBS had a “Lend Lease” contract with the Israelis. (6 Weeks) My wife would join me on most remotes in Europe when she could.
I retired from CBS Washington after 10 years, making it 30 years with CBS with much sorrow.
I was home two days and a NEWS Producer in Washington called. He asked me if I wanted to do THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES for him. I accepted his offer and was off again. The debates consisted of surveying various colleges to find a spot for the DEBATES. I did this for two Presidential elections. This consisted of four or five remotes each and the shows all over the country. I did this for two election years. This started me thinking! I started a company called MEGA TECH. I was now an independent contractor or a consultant. I worked out of my home--- something I always wanted to do. I began working for CBS NEWS, CBS SPORTS, and NBC and ABC in the POOL . I worked in SPORTS and NEWS all over the world. I did Super Bowls for CBS News. NFL championship games, Final Fours in various cities around the US. I worked mostly for Jim Paterson and Art Jensen., George Zavalas. I traveled in most parts of the US, and abroad. I did many football games in Minnesota for Art Jensen because my mother lived  in Wisconsin. I traveled up from there to see her. I did many jobs for Jim Paterson all over the world. I traveled to the Island of Malta. I was there on two occasions for two weeks. We did a press conference for Bush and Gorbachev. I also traveled to Sicily during this remote. I was head of the POOL there and did three remotes including the RF (Microwave) for the POOL. One good thing about these jobs is I didn‘t have to be at CBS after each remote the next morning. I did an interview with Hillary Clinton at the Washington Press Club. I worked at Comsat doing a Stock Owners meeting and put the finishes on a Satellite truck I then went to Korea to do the President landing and Press conference there. I took time off after the Show to go to JAPAN (Kyoto) and the Hawaiian Islands for a vacation. I did a parade in PARIS for Jim Paterson and then took a tour twenty miles around Paris in the suburbs to enjoy another week.. 

In my retirement (?), I took up ROWING. I rowed seven days a week. ----a real nut case! I rowed with a club in town. I rowed singles and eights and was an ass’t coach at St. Johns College, here in town, for seven or eight  years. I repaired boats for them and the local club--for money. I have many medals in the sport . I rowed in Europe several times with FISA. My wife and I rowed a week at a time down the Po river from Spain to Portugal, then to the Atlantic. We rowed down the Themes River in England. We rowed from the Source to London. It took a whole week to do it We had another week to travel around different parts of England. We rowed down the whole river! We rowed down Levante (spell)? a river in France and a few canals . We rowed a good distance on the Biscayne bay in the Atlantic After we rowed in France we took a week and traveled south to the town of Bayonne by car, and than East along the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean. Then we took the train to Aux en Provence. We also rowed in Norway above the Arctic Circle on the Fiords there. We finished up, in Switzerland and rowed on Lake Genève. We always took a week after the rows to travel in the surrounding area.
My wife was a teacher and we could take a week off when she was on wanted. Most of my travels were in the Autumn while she was working. I became a Cooking nut too. I was a pretty good cook, so people say. I went to cooking classes two times in two different parts in Italy. I traveled two or three years “back packing” in Southern France and Italy. I might add we have a rowing friend in Switzerland, who has a summer home in Sothern France. I picked Olives for a week in Southern France and another week in Tuscany Italy to see which Olive Oil tasted best. The olives are the same and so is the olive oil. We also traveled vacations in Costa Rica, Martinique, Puerto Rico ,California, Northern France, Belgium, Holland ,Germany , East France, Ireland and England.
All together we traveled seven times in Italy, five times in France, twice in England, once in Ireland, twice in Germany. o ncein Norway, once in Austria, once in Belgium, once in Martinique, once in Costa Rica, once in Puerto Rico, once in China,twice in Japan,once in Korea, once in Guam, 1 time in Midway, 1 time in Alaska, 1 time in Majorca and the Bleric Island off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.  I spent 1 time in Spain, all US States (many times) I have also spent 1 year in New Guinea, 1 year, in the Philippines, 2 times in the Hawaiian Islands, 2 weeks, separate times to the Cinque Terra, Italy (five lands) , 2 times in Mexico, 2 times in Canada and from there to Porta Fino. I made a home base in Vernazzo (Cinqua Terra) as I mentioned, and commuted around the Italian and French Rivera each day by train. So much that the people would say to me at night, “Hello Stan” when I got home. I “ Back packed”, having Baguette , Cheese , Grapes and wine for lunch and sleeping above Bars and Cafés.

About six years ago, I had a bad stroke. I was on vacation in California and was in an emergency hospital for a month and I was flown back to Annapolis, MD. with a nurse and then put in another hospital there. It has been about six years now. I started editing my Video Tapes on my computer. Now, I’m doing the same with my Still Photos. I now use a walker or a cane and now, my only big trips are to the store.
Stan Mitchell