Saturday, May 21, 2011

I was happy to see the post by Stan. He certainly has a great recollection of all the events he was associated with. I spent my CBS career with Engineering and on several occasions I had the pleasant opportunity to work with Stan on several projects in New York, Washington and the Remote Trucks. I wish I had Stan's remarkable memory so I could recall the specifics of all these projects. I always felt that Stan had one of the great minds in our TV Industry and I certainly learned a lot from him. Stan's mention of Hy Badler struck a favorable chord with me since I have many pleasant memories of working with Hy on several CBS Washington projects as well as the 1988 Political Conventions.
Like Stan, I also appreciate the wonderful opportunities CBS afforded to me in seeing a great deal of the U.S., Europe and Japan through my many projects. I know we have a lot of retirees who had similar experiences so why not post them.

I'm glad to hear that Stan was able to do all those exciting things in his retirement. Like Stan, I also was able to do a lot of things on my "Bucket List" during my retirement. I ran a Charter Fishing Business here in Florida for four years, became a decent golfer (had one hole-in-one) and became a good Photographer. My wife and I have visited over fifty countries since retiring. However, health issues are starting to slow us down a little but we're still pretty active.
    Stan, I'm looking forward to possibly seeing some of your videos and stills. Keep posting your endeavours on the Website.
Jim Herschel