Monday, May 30, 2011

I have always been interested in researching the historical broadcasts, such as "Cinderella" from March 31, 1957. I contacted Harold Deppe recently to ask about Studio 72 and the production of the musical, but he explained that he only worked in maintenance and suggested I post a message here to find someone who could elaborate on the production process for that show. I have seen the kinescope of the live broadcast that was transferred to DVD and know about the two earlier rehearsal kinescopes that are referred to as "out of town tryouts". Does anyone remember how all of the sets were laid out in the studio? How many cameras were used?

I assume the orchestra played live in another room and their audio was sent to the studio by speakers. Where was the orchestra placed? Was it difficult for the singers to hear the orchestra and keep in sync with them. Was there a video monitor on the floor so that they could see the conductor? I was especially impressed with the quick cuts during the song when various groups of people are preparing for the ball. How were they able to get so many different people and locations into such a short time? What other technical problems had to be solved that anyone can remember?

Steve Thomas
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