Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hi Dave,
Ann goes to Seattle June 9 for a more sensitive ultra-sound and consultation. She retired May 6 and is glad to be home. She's tired a lot but swam yesterday at the racquet club. She doesn't want to do much until the surgery question is resolved and (hopefully) out of the way.
I read Stan Mitchell's post with great interest. What a career and what a collection of experiences. I remember the Statue's 100th and likely saw the shots he did from the blimp. My favorite night to work was election night. Small towns/cities races were great because I got to see a lot and was in the field and at the station during the evening.
If you haven't been to the site, the Library of American Broadcasting at the University of Maryland has a photo archive with many CBS photos. Some of the earliest are the 1932 election night coverage shots. There are a number of 1948 election night, many with the late Helen Siousant - not sure of the spelling of her name. A truly lovely lady. I think Douglas Edwards anchored that one on the TV side. I don't recall if radio and TV were sharing the studio.
I have some information on CBS Radio's D-Day coverage if you would be interested. There is one photo of Paul White and another - including, I think, Bob Trout - in Studio 9. Quality is not great but it's historic.
About election night broadcasts - I assume that in later years, radio and TV were separate operations in different locations. I'd enjoy hearing anything anyone has to say about those nights. I'd PAY to work, just to be there.
Take care and will keep you updated on Ann.
Bob Paine