Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello Mr. Ted Perzeszty,

I am indebted to Lee Levy (good name!) for telling me how to reach you. I originally lived in Morristown NJ but now I'm in Vero Beach. Some years back I attended a number of the luncheons of the CBS Retired Engineers held around NYC, often in the company of Sal Angelone and his wife. Sal was the squire of the Buddleman systems which were used often by Arthur Godfrey. I am happy to say that Sal is still alive, but I know many of those who befriended me in those luncheons are not. I'm glad I caught them when I did.

For years, I've been amassing material for a book about Mr. Godfrey, his activities and associates. I was able to get many great stories and reminiscences about Mr. Godfrey and his shows and other activities. Unfortunately I had to turn my attention elsewhere (like to earn a living) and now I'm supposedly retired, living in Vero, and back to the Godfrey project. When I attended the Retired lunches it seemed that there was separation between the New York area group and that around Miami. I had a conversation today with Lee Levy, and I gather now there are no luncheons, and there is a web site and a kind of newsletter that goes out to retired CBS folk wherever they are.

I know a lot of years have gone by but I am hoping I may still find some folk who worked with the Godfrey shows or can share reminiscences connected with them. I'd like to get on the phone with anyone who can help, or communicate by mail or Email - whichever is more convenient.

Any help which you can offer or referrals to other folk you think could assist me, will be greatly appreciated. I have lots of great stories about Mr. Godfrey and the folk that surrounded him, and always eager to learn more.

Many thanks in advance for whatever you can offer to help in my project.


Lee Munsick
1416 15th Ave
Vero Beach FL 32960
772 564-2911