Friday, April 08, 2011

Hi Dave:
It appears that Jay has passed away. I say 'appears', because we have no official word, just some internet searching to inform us. Bob Wilson started scanning some obit sites, and found a listing for Jay Chichon, 88 of Manhattan, and then another with a listing of a Jay Chichon, W2L** as having died. So, in all likelihood, our Jay is no longer with us. He had been admitted to a hospital with the plan to insert a cardiac stent, but the procedure had been delayed due to Jay having contracted pneumonia. And, sadly, Jay had no family. No kids or siblings. His wife passed 20 years ago. Only a distant cousin, according to Bob. Outside of CBS and the CBS Retirees group, he didn't have many friends either. Jay's wife is buried near Danville, PA... somewhat in the center of the state, and I wonder if Jay will be buried there as well. No idea of who would be handling his affairs.
73 de RayK2ULR