Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I would be most happy for any short answer from You to be sure that I have reached You from here remote Finland. And I would be very grateful of information about Mr Jerry Colet´s whereabouts. I would like to contact him for a very personal reason, as You may cipher from my message to him, hereby attached.
With best greetings
Ms Terttu Talonen, a reteree from YLE, Finland

Lähettäjä: Jarmo Talonen [mailto:jarmo.talonen at]
Lähetetty: 16. helmikuuta 2011 9:18
Vastaanottaja: 'webmaster at'
Aihe: A voice from Finland
Dear Dave,
This is a voice from Finland, (in fact a retired voice from YLE, Finland, from TV1) – coming to ask for your kind assistance. If only possible, I would like to ask you kindly forward the message below to Mr Jerry Colet, who, I assume, is a member of your CBS Retirees. There was his e-mail address in the end of his message, but I cannot get it working from my computer. His given e-mail is (or was?) jfcolet at
As you see from the message hereby attached, I would like to have Mr. Colet to send some information to our Class Reunion, on May 20th this year, telling what happened to our class mate, Ms Raili Syreeni (married to Mr Cook?) who was working at least some time for the CBS.
I remain waiting for your kind reply, whether it has been possible to forward my message to Mr Colet.
With best wishes to you and – as I can see from your web pages - to your remarkable work with the CBS Retirees connections.
Ms Terttu Talonen
e-mail jarmo.talonen at

Dear Mr Jerry Colet,
I am a total stranger to you but approaching you this way – after accidentally finding your message from 2006/via Dave, to the CBS Retirees. And why I do this? Because, I found a good school mate´s name there, and to my deep sorrow learned that to your knowledge she had passed away already maybe 1998. I am talking about Raili Syreeni from Finland.
I am a member of a small team that is trying to get our matriculation class of 1961 together to celebrate our 50 years Reunion, here in Helsinki, Finland. Someone knew that Raili had moved to the US but nobody knew where or when. I just accidentally put her name on Google and found your message with her name on it. I am very sorry to hear that we cannot reach her any more. It seemed that you had been close to her and her husband, maybe working closely?
I just wonder whether it would be possible that you could kindly write me something about her, her late husband and her possible family over there, her work and any information about where she might be buried. I am sure our class that is going to have the Reunion on 25th May this year, would be very grateful to hear your comment read on the occasion. We will have a silent moment to commemorate her.
I remember Raili as a very energetic and brave young woman. We thought that it was rather fine of her to take the step to move to the States. But as it often goes, life takes us apart and we don´t know very much of our former school mates.
I myself was as an AFS exchange student in the US, the year 1959-60, in Huntington, Indiana. Last September I took part in the Class of 1960 Reunion in Huntington. It was great fun and wakened a lot of emotions, especially as my former foster sister came to meet me from Florida, where she is living today. I came back in 1960 to join the class where Raili was a member. I remember her being very interested of my experience of the US.
Please, be so kind and answer me, if only possible.
With best greetings from Raili´s homeland, Finland.
Ms Terttu Talonen
e-mail jarmo.talonen at