Monday, February 28, 2011

I find the posts from the retirees and other very interesting.   
When I was a little boy and before I became infatuated with the on-air
part of  radio, all I wanted to do was work behind the TV camera. I had
no idea what went on but I wanted to be part of getting the program on
the air and let the on camera people do their thing. I wish I'd pursues
that interest. However, I did get a small taste of it. I once ran camera
for a cable TV telethon and did audio also. And I took a course in cable
TV production. Learned the basics of camera work (also leave some
space above the subject, don't let the top of the head be at the top of
the screen), how to pan, focus, fade (yep, learned a bit about the
control room), and so on. Not network or even local TV but I learned
enough to have a good understanding. Now, I guess, most of the
camera work is robotic. Not much live TV, either. No opportunities
for the unexpected, the practical jokes and the bloopers.
Bob Paine