Monday, February 07, 2011

Hi Dave,

Very interesting information about 485 Madison Ave. I didn't know there was so much TV activity there. I had thought there had only been experimental work.
Bob Hall was the third actor to play The Green Hornet (from Detroit), from 1943 to 1946. Hall was only 17 at the time. I had the article with his obit in 1967. I think he was quite young when he passed, perhaps in his mid-forties. The story also mentioned he was the youngest actor to play the role.
I said in an earlier email that the "Studio 1" TV series did an episode from a radio studio at 485, based on the War of the Worlds broadcast. I think I said the studio was on the lower floors. Since then I haven't been able to verify that so I'll retract the part about the studio's whereabouts.
Re: Studio 9 - was the news televised from it or did they just do voice-over?
It will be forty years on Feb. 21 that the false EBS alert occurred. Were you or any of the retirees on duty that day?

I hope you don't mind these emails, since I'm not a retiree. The posts are fascinating; like the old phone company commercials, they're the next best thing to being there. I enjoy reading about the way it was in earlier days.

73, Bob Paine KA3ZCI