Monday, February 28, 2011

Harold Deppe (sole survivor of the Golden Age and Me)
Harold old boy--don't ever run out of energy or become a disbeliever
because currently you could eaily become  CBS's sole supporter of its Website.
And that honestly would be a sad loss.
Your comment about Old Timers shook me awake to follow up on an outstanding
debt owed  me by the Retirees.
I was fairly active in 2008 with the Webmaster (whose name eludes me at the
moment) active because he himself was as energetic as you in keeping the ball
rolling while instigating a very active participation in bringing "news" to the
attention.of the CBS'rs.
He was aware of my writing a book titled "The Golden Age" a 40 year history
of Television's beginning and asked if it was published commercially. He was
told that it was not because its main thrust was to make my grandchildren aware
of my contributions to its  start up.
He pressed for a loaner book for those interested which I agreed to with
the provision  that it be retured to me.
The book was read by a number of cbs'ers and then fell silent. But the good
fortune is a log was kept of the borrowers and the last person who borrowed the
book is named.
By copy of this e-mail I'm asking for that person to return it to Harold
Deppe who will use it over a period of time to provide  exerps of it for the
That name can be found in the 2008 "Ramblings"  
  ( The webmaster at the time, who I'll always remember, was taken from us
with a fatal dose of cancer).

Good Night & Good Luck! jlk