Sunday, December 26, 2010


I am looking for any information on a SMTPE engineer by the name of Ellis Dahlin.

I am his great nephew and looking to get more information if possible. I have combed through the website with only one reference by Harry Charles.
Photos, anything…

Jeffery Scott Frayer
info at

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Clarke Leo Michael Smith posted in In Loving Memory of Jimmy Wall.
Clarke Leo Michael Smith 10:38am Dec 23

Jimmy, mon vieil ami... ça fait du temps que tu es parti, mais ta présence - ou en fait, le manque de ta présence se fait ressentir bien souvent. Tu nous manques!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thanks for the reply, Dave. Another item - the New York Broadcasting History Board has three messages regarding the first bulletin over WCBS about Pres. Kennedy being shot. The question asked was who read the first bulletin, the one that preceded the Net Alert with Allan Jackson. Someone answered it was news director Joseph Dembo. I believe the clip is on the WCBS "News 88 Appreciation" site.
I have the first few hours recorded from WCBS-FM. There was an interview with a judge discussing probelms with kids, juvenile delinquency and so on. I recognized the voice but didn't know the person's name. According to the "Farewell to Studio 9", the Net Alert bulletin came from that studio. BTW, a WTOP engineer gave me an old News Alert unit. I gave it to an engineer friend in Waterbury CT.
Take care and have a good holiday.

Bob Paine

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hi Dave,
Do you know if there is a floor diagram of the 485 Madison Avenue building - I should say when CBS was there? I've often wondered about the studio-control room arrangements. I understand there were ten or more floors of radio studios, and experimental TV broadcasts came from there in the days before the Grand Central location.
BTW, I saw a 2-hr. documentary on Grand Central and there was not one mention of CBS, nor of the Grand Central Station radio series.
I found the answer to something that stumped me for years. The experimental call letters were W2XAB, but I've also seen W2XAX. The explanation is that XAB was the original, then it was changed in the 30s to XAX and finally the XAB callsign was restored in, I think, the late 30s. Maybe only someone like myself interested in minute details such as this would be interested in knowing this, but it is a curiosity now resolved.
Another bit of (useless?) trivia - in the early 50s, an episode of Studio One (I think I have the correct title), an anthology series, was broadcast from a studio at 485. I believe the title was The Night America Panicked, about the War of the Worlds broadcast. It may have been done from the very studio and control room from which the original broadcast was produced. I'm not sure but I seem to think that studio might have been on the eighth floor.
Would anyone know if the studios were numbered according to the floor they on which they were located? (Studio 9 on the ninth floor, 10 on the tenth and so on.)
Again, I hope you and your family and all the members have a great holiday season - Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever is celebrated. I found a greeting that covers everything and is all-encompassing: Happy...Whatever.
And so it is.....

Take care and 73,
Bob Paine, KA3ZCI

And here are some IDs you won't hear these days:
"This is CBS, the Columbia Broadcasting System."
"This is the CBS Radio Network. WABC, key station of the Columbia Broadcasting System."
"Columbia's station for the Nation's Capital, WJSV."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sad to report the passing last Saturday morning, of John Taddei's live-in companion, Mary Ann Sorby, age 65.
John is basically confined to his bed and has just applied for hospice care.
Anyone that would like to give him a call and cheer him up will be welcome.
You can reach John at 914-946-0856
Dave Schwartz:

Could be Johnny Olsen??

Harold Schutzman
In 1959 there was a CBS show called The Big Party. The show, sponsored by Revlon, ran every other week for 90 minutes. (it was very boring to watch)
Who is the voice on the opening. (it's not Hal Simms, Roger Forester, Bill Martin, or Bern Bennett) but that leaves a lot of other CBS staff announcers in contention.

Dave Schwartz

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pat Finn, yes ... could that be the studio
that the Mike and Buff show came from?
Harold Deppe

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The gentleman behind the camera is Patty
Harry Charles

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ron Cooper

This is an older entry that never got posted.

Just received this, Ron was an engineer at EVR, also in my Navy Cryptologic unit where he was one of the best CPO's in the business. Not sure how many EVR types are still around, but thought I might pass this along, think Dave Minott was one.


George Keller
Hello everyone,

Sorry to spread this news via email, although I just wanted to let you all
know that Ron Cooper passed away unexpectedly this morning. Dad always spoke
very highly of his friends from the Navy. The arrangements are as follows
(feel free to pass on to anyone I may have missed):

Par-Troy Funeral Home
95 Parsippany Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Viewing: Tuesday 1/12, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Funeral: Wednesday 1/13, 9:30am (tentative)

Dave Cooper

Submitted by Gady Reinhold

Monday, December 06, 2010

This Photo is of a Field Sequential CBS Color Camera. Year 1951.
Can any one remember the name of this Technician?

You did very well with the last Photo. Try this one.
Harold Deppe

Maybe Tony Cucu???
Hi Dave..
Checking this Website each day. it appears to me that the Retirees have left us ..Years ago it was great to get togeather with the old group..
I guess like the Iconoscope, things change. but many times not for the best..
Best Regards
Harold Deppe

Hi Harold,

I guess that as our users age, they need to spend more time ingesting their medications and adjusting their support stockings.

It takes the right combination of flint and steel to create a spark, large enough, to ignite the kindlin


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hi Dave..
I have a question about Quad Video Tape at C.B.S. many years ago.
Did you ever hear of an L splice made on Quad Tape?
If not, would you please post this question. There may be a memory out there...
Harold Deppe