Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hi David:
I need some archive help for...
what CBS TV shows used cigarettes as sponsors between 1949 and 1984?
i'm sure, in the beginning anyway, that the sponsors gave out free cigarettes to the crew.
esp. need Lucky Strike, chesterfield (perry como?)-- gary moore-- hit pararde-- arthur godfrey-- robert q lewis-- steve allen -- streisand and garland specials-- jimmy durante--jackie gleason-- jack benny --colgate comedy hour-- ed sullivan-- THE CAVALCADE OF STARS (1951--milton berle--)and on and on.
red skelton--beat the clock--dennis day--ed wynn--hit parade--doris day--martha ray--george gobel--timex

I had heard about someone suing CBS for being forced to retire at 65. do you know who that is? I could use this contact info.
thanks in advance for any help you can muster up, or places to network me to.

Jacquie Sacs
isacsphoto at