Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jimmy was a classy and great guy... I remember him from Evening News
and Kangaroo. He was one of those people who everyone "just knew"..
He had a great career at CBS, and I know he enjoyed every minute of
it. He will be missed, but well remembered by everyone who ever
worked with him.. or played cards with him.

Ray Sills

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Worked with Jimmy on a couple of US Opens back in the mid eighties. We had an absolute ball together flying by the seat of our pants for many hours of superb live TV! He was the consumate professional and genuine great guy!! He will be sorely missed!!! Rest in peace Jim.
Jon Fortunato
Jimmy Wall was the consumate wisdom filled man who over the years became my friend. Once many years ago he and I were engaged in a conversation about affairs of the heart. I asked him for some fatherly advice where love and relationships were concerened. This girl was not very attentive with me and seemed cool and not very interested. He paused and in an understanding and deep tone commented..."My Daddy always told me, go for the one that goes for you!" How simple and yet so profound!!! I will never forget that conversation...I will never forget you Jimmy. God rest your soul...

Frederick Rivera
This is a place for all to share their wonderful times and thoughts with Jimmy Wall who was employed and retired from CBS for many decades.

Tim Pendleton
Jeffrey M. Pollack 1:15pm Oct 30

Honored to be a part of this page. He will always be one of my most unforgettable characters. Rest in Peace, my friend.
I had the pleasure of being on the same shows as jimmy,he had a way of lightening up the captain kangaroo set------it very often needed a few laughs.he was as mentioned previously the sm on the evening news,60 minutes,conventions and the tennis. let us not forget his talent at "tonk" in the technicians lounge.he was also a very classy dresser and a truly good friend to all.i put him in the same class as harry haigood,both super gentlemen. RIP jimmy.
bob vernum
Played poker with him many times in the old tech lounge. One of the few all time greats. RIP my friend.

Steve Palacek
My wife Ruth was the AD on Kangaroo for many years and at the end of its run. We both knew Jimmy pretty well. A really nice guy. Even as a Stage Manager he came off like a performer. He loved his work. I last saw him at CBS when he was 91. He kept coming in whenever they called. He told me it was his “card playing money”.

Gady Reinhold
Always a gentleman and professional. I can hear his voice with his signature "Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive Minutes" to make sure we were all at our posts for air for the CBS Evening News. RIP, you were a treasure to us all.

Gayle DePoli
He was so nice. A real gentleman. You felt privelaged to be in his =

Alan Goldfarb
Five Minutes ...... Will always ring fondly in my memory. RIP =

Tim Kennedy
In Jimmy's own words, he "was a Hoofah!" You could not avoid having a smile on your face in the presence of Jimmy. Every story, and there were countless numbers of them, brought a smile to my face. An entertainer to the end. A man who could steal the spotlight even from Mike Wallace. On what turned out to be Mike's last day of taping, Mike exclaimed "I'm the senior person in this room!" at which point Jimmy pointed out to Mike, I've got you by a few months. " They were both 90, and we all shared an incredibly historic moment that day. Because of Jimmy, "FIIIIIIIIIIVE MINUTES" will last an eternity. Jimmy, I will miss you.

M. Scott Cole
Jimmy, was a trailblazer whom I met in my early years at CBS. A humble man. A true gentle-man. He lived a life we all should aspire to have. Peace, Jimmy.

Ron McGugins
Whenever I'm counting down or tell someone "five minutes" I always think of Jimmy and it puts a smile on my face. I will miss our talks about golf & theories of the swing! I am so blessed to have know him. RIP , hope you're playing all the great courses up there.

Kyle Keever
Jimmy Wall was always a class act. We are all better for having known him.
RIP Jimmy.

Ann Natyzak
James Wall, Who Played a Beloved Character on 'Captain Kangaroo,' Dead at 92 AP
James Wall, better known as Jimmy Wall, a veteran actor and longtime CBS stage manager, has died at 92, AP reports.

Wall is best known for his role as Mr. Baxter, the first African American character on "Captain Kangaroo," a role he played for more than 10 years. He was also a stage manager for the “CBS Evening News” and other CBS productions.

Wall had been working on "Captain Kangaroo" for six years, starting in 1962, before he convinced the producers to add an African American character to reflect the diversity of the children's show’s viewership. Wall was offered the role and began playing Mr. Baxter in 1968.

Wall, who stage managed "60 Minutes," "Face the Nation," the US Open Tennis Championships and other productions, continued those duties until he was 90.

Dave Schwartz

Friday, October 29, 2010

I just got an email that Jimmy Wall passed on last night....he was one of a kind.

Steve Gorsuch

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Re: the pix

Second row Left
Could be Bill Guyon
behind him Leo Hoy
behind him Jim Martens

Harold Schutzman
Mike Zwick passed away on Sat. Oct. 23. 2010. A viewing, 2pm - 6pm and service at 5pm will be held
at Silverton Memorial Funeral Home, 2482 Church Road, Toms River, N.J. on Tues Oct. 26,2010.
Condolences can be sent to Mrs. Pauline Zwick, 5 Marta Court, Brick, N.J. 08723-7830.

Joe Manzo

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Front row third from left looks like Jim Angerame.
Bob Vernum
That's Charles Collingswood to the right of Ed Murrow.
looks like John Pumo 1st row 4th from right.
I recognize a lot of faces, but can't put a name to them.
Harold Schutzman
I just Googled "1st CBS telstar broadcast'.
their is a wealth of info on the subject.
Near the bottom of the page is a Walter Cronkite
link telling the WHOLE STORY. There must be video
but I only got the audio.

Harold Schutzman
Next to Ed Murrow is Charles Collingwood,on the top row third from the right end is B.A Taylor or Bill Taylor. I will continue looking.

Bob Vernum
Pic 12----On Vilot's left is Paul Buda
Vilot's right----Jim Kelenson
Murrow's right----Charles Collingwood
Top row Bow tie undone ---Joe Desmond
This pic must be from early 1950's

Lots o'Luck on the rest of them!...
Harry Charles
Hi John,
Saw your pix of you dad. We were quite friendly. Worked with him for many years. I remember visiting him in Hackensack Hospital.
I thought you might be interested in a pix in my files.
Please note: forwarded message attached

First CBS Telstar 1 Broadcast fron Andover,Maine
July,23,1962.It was launched July,10.1962.

Left to right (D)= Deceased

1-Jim Murphy (D)
2-Fred Schutz (D)
3-John Brakita (D)
4-Art Shine
5- ???
6-Harold Schutzman
7-George Moses (D)
8-Jim McCarthy (D)
9-Frank Vilot (D)
Many thanks...My Dad's copy of this same Telstar photo was in our living room for many years but I cannot find it..I had also forgotten that was
John Berkyta in the picture (they lived across the street from us).
If you also knew Dan Acker, he was my godfather. Russ Vollmer also lived around the corner from us.

They were truly the golden years of television!
My Dad loved being part of the CBS family and it truly felt like a family when I walked the CBS halls & ramps with him.

Thanks again,
John Vilot
3 Woodstone Rd
Chester, NJ 07930
Michael Zwick passed away on 10/23/10. No information on funeral arrangements are available at this time.

Joe Manzo & Al Norwood

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I have just added another picture to our Page 12 collection.
This one is courtesy of John Vilot, Frank's son.
If you recognize any other people, let me know!

Click here --> Page 12

Monday, October 18, 2010

RE: Lloyd Gross

Legendary guy. Sorry to see him go.

Mark Corwin
I got this note from Ginny when I came in this morning.
Lloyd was a staff director at CBS starting in the late 40’s, later directing hundreds of New York based game shows for Goodson-Todman including the syndicated version of What’s My Line, I’ve Got a Secret, Beat the Clock, Choose Up Sides, Play Your Hunch, To Tell the Truth, Two for the Money. Among the other game shows he directed were the original version of The Wheel of Fortune (1952), Make a Face, Masquerade Party, Window Shopping, Music Bingo and Supermarket Sweep.
From: G9660 at
Sent: Sunday, October 17, 2010 11:13 AM
To: David Schwartz
Subject: Re: FW: Online Archive of American Television News

Dear David, It is with great sadness that I want to inform you that my darling Lloyd passed away last night at the age of 92. He was in good health until about 6 weeks ago, and then he went into kidney failure and died after only 10 days in the hospital. He was very fond of you, and looked forward to your E mail and phone correspondence.

Ginny Gross

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I came across your web site while searching for family history information about my grand uncle Price Fish and found a reference to him in a post from June 14, 2001 in the message archives by someone named
"Adrian". Price died in January, 1992. He worked for many years as an engineer and my mother remembers him being in England in 1953 to cover the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. I was wondering if anyone in your
group would remember him and be willing to share a story or two, or maybe a photo. I only met him 3-4 times when I was a kid but I remember him being an avid photographer and I was very impressed that he owned a Leica camera. He graduated 1935 from William Penn College in Oskaloosa,Iowa.
George Fish
geo at
Tularosa, NM
I want to thank the people from Ameriprise, for sponsoring our luncheon, today.
Although our turnout was rather slender, I beleive that the attendees were grateful for the financial information.
This may be the last luncheon at the Swan Club due to low turnout, unless we make other arrangements with the management.
Another idea, that I proposed, was to combine our group with the ABC retirees, as they hold luncheons as well. They probably are suffering from attrition, as we are.
It might be interesting to meet with others in our industry and make some new friends!
Bern showed me his new license plate one year. It read FU-CBS.
He had to explain to the motor vehicle bureau what the letters ment and he was trying to make something up before he answered.

Cal Marotta
Dave and Dave

Check that info on the password show with Bern Benett in the early 60s. I seem to recall that the pilot show was shot after 1965, the pilot show used either the Videograph or Divcon Graphics equipment. To narrow in on the date a little closer it was around the time of the first rendevous in space. T C Alred operated the graphics equipment at this time and his hire at CBS was 1965. If I would have to guess at a year, I would have to select 1967.

Les Burkhardt

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bern was on CBS announcing staff starting May 1,1944.
He was probably the only staff announcer to work both in New York (1944 to 1960) and Los Angeles (1960 to ???)
I am in the middle of compiling some info on certain announcers, so I will send you others as I get them together.
according to my files here are the shows Bern Bennett announced (all on CBS):

24th annual Emmy Awards
Abe Burrows
Beat the Clock (1950-58)
The Bold & the Beautiful
By Popular Demand
The Clear Horizon (1960-62)
Danny Kaye Show
Ed Sullivan Show (two shows from Hollywood in 1965; may have also announced the show in 1948...I am not positive on that fact)
I've Got a Secret (some shows from Los Angeles in the early 60's only)
Jonathan Winters Show
Keep Talking (may not have announced all of the CBS shows)
Match Game '75 (filled in for Johnny Olson for one week....the only week Olson missed)
Password (some shows from the early 60's when it came to Hollywood)
Phil Silvers Show
Tournament of Roses Parade (from 1962 to 1998)
Sing it Again
Steve Allen Show (1950-52)
This is Show Business (CBS shows only)
To Tell the Truth (1956-60; appeared as a contestant on the show in 1991)
USA Canteen
The Verdict is Yours (1960-62)
What's in a Word?
What's My Line? (subbed for Hal Simms occassionally in the late 1950's)
Winner Take All (1948-50; not sure exactly when he started on the show, one of his first TV assignments)
The Young and The Restless (1973-?? he stopped doing it about 10 years ago or so)
Your Surprise Package (1961-62)
Your Surprise Store (1952)

Dave Schwartz

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Arthur Godfrey did a Show from Africa. Ozzie Presnel was his sound man...
Could Ozzie have used that Portable Sound System?
Harold Deppe

Friday, October 08, 2010

Hi -

Working on a book about Arthur Godfrey, his activities and associates. I attended a lot of meetings of the NY-NJ retired group some years back. The contacts have all changed and I'd like to get back in touch. Doris was the secy then.I have since moved from Whippany NJ (I grew up in Morristown area) to VA and then Vero Beach FL. I'd like to get in touch with people in the Miami area group and will appreciate your help.

My contact info is below.Especially int'd in contacting the sound engineer who specialized in the portable sound system used by Mr. Godfrey on his ice shows and horseback things. Having senior moment now I can't think of either the name of the system (German sounding name?) or the name of the engineer who lived in NW NJ. I believe he has moved from their home NW of Dover, where I visited. Seems to me someone told me he moved to FL. Any help you can give me will be very much appreciated.

Best to all - 33s

Lee Munsick

1416 15th Ave.

Vero Beach FL 32960-3767

772 564-2911

Monday, October 04, 2010

We have until this Saturday October 9th to receive your checks for the Fall Luncheon.
The price is low and time is short, don't delay send in your checks.

Tony Casola