Friday, April 02, 2010

Looking back at the March 14th quiz that I posted, here is the answer to #1;

What piece (or pieces) of TV equipment had hidden "Easter Eggs"?
A clue is that with one, you could play a game of "The Towers of Hanoi."
Others played "Asteroids" and one displayed swimming fish?

What piece of test equipment was lovingly called "The Glockenspiel"?

Who was the manufacurer of, and what was a piece of test equipment whose initials
caused much smirking?

Here is the answer to question #1:

Tektronix 2232 Oscilloscope Easter Egg - The Wizard
1. turn the scope on
2. push the "ADV FUNCT" button once
3. push the "SAVE REF. 3" two times
5. move the "CURSOR"
6. now you have reached the so called "secret menu" here you can see a wizard on a skateboard or
the "TECTRONIX" logo or you can clear all memories..

Tektronix 601 Component SDI WFM/Vectorscope Easter Egg
Tektronix WFM601 Screensaver
1. Switch oscilloscope ON
2. Go to config menu
3. Select menu item REMOTE
4. Press bottom right option select switch which has the software version just below it on the screen.
5. You get a couple of the fish as seen on the 1751 but also greyscale waveforms and other stuff
floating around (confuses the heck out of operators if you leave it on the screen!)

Several oscilloscopes have contained Easter eggs. One example is the HP 54622D, known to have

an Asteroids clone (and even to save high scores in NV-RAM). Another is the Tektronix 1755A Vector and Waveform Monitor which displays swimming fish when Remote > Software version is selected on the CONFIG menu.