Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hi Dave

For Harold Depp:

The first time I saw a Frame Sync was at Forest Hills Tennis. One morning,
George Nader drove up to the mobile unit and picked up equipment and
left. he was going to do camera on the Goodyear blimp. Later that day we
started to see pictures of N.Y.Harbor. The next morning when we arrived,
there was George waiting to pick up some more equipment. He
drove off and we powered up the monitors. On the blimp monitor was a
picture of the Statue Of Liberty. I knew he just left so how did the picture
get there? It took an awful lot of educating to make me understand why!

Super wipe.
I'm sure you saw the 3D tree of resistors and capacitors Ben Ackerman was
working on in the Field Shop, but who hung extra resistors and caps on it
when Ben went out to lunch one day ?
I think it was first used in the 1968 Convention with Cronkite in the lower right
corner Later that year we were out in Cheyenne Wyoming with the Arthur
Godfrey Show. There was a reporter from the local TV station watching. He
was going to ask Bob Hammer to be intervewed on the 6 o'cock news, but
he saw there was going to be a problem. He came to me. Dumb me, I agreed.
I assumed he was going to talk about Audio. First question he asked was
"How does the pictuere of Walter Cronkite get in the corner of the screen?"
I sat there with my mouth open. They went to a commercial.

Harold Schutzman

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