Friday, March 12, 2010

With regard to Harold Deppe's question about why use film when video
tape is available? I once asked Red Steiger that very question. His
answer: not all TV facilities had video tape. In fact, I recall
watching a recording of The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite done
on film for eventual use with affiliates in Alaska who did not have a
live connection with the network.
They had to originate all their programming via film from the lower
48. I especially noticed that the video display on the monitor
associated with the recorder had -very- strange colors. Turns out,
for good film recordings, they had to adjust the levels of colors to
make a good film.

The 1973 photo certainly appears to be a recording system I can see
FR-2 on the frame of one of the racks, plus a tall rack with "Eastman"
clearly visible. That sure smacks of film recording.

73 de Ray Sills