Thursday, March 11, 2010

I remember working in Film Services where we put film commercials on reels and then sent them down to telecine for projection. The room we worked in had bins which stored the film commercials in alphabetical order. I do remember making up the super bowl film reels air and standby with such care, and then having them re-checked by two supervisors before going for screening in our screening rooms. Al Kelly, Ed Peraza and Al Deltoro and Vince Romelo were film supervisors. Joe McDonald and John Wyman worked the film projection room which were used for quality control and timing of the shows by our AD's. We also supplied film for the local WCBS broadcasts, and we spent many stressed hours waiting for commercials to arrive and then integrated into the local news show. Last minute changes were common and we all ran around like chicks with our heads cut off. The work also included doing commercial integration into prime time shows and Saturday and Sunday cartoons. I enjoyed working with the guys who all groused about how boring it was, but I knew I would have a steady pay check that did not bounce and was grateful for the opportunity I had gotten when I was hired by Irving Rosenberg the director of Film Services. We were all a collection of characters from different walks of life but who could forget the imprint they left on us. I remember one in particular who was an un-sung hero of the fight for Israeli independence. Richard (Dick) Fallon, was the Navigator of the Gun running ship the Alata Lena which helped bring guns into the underground fighting the British. Dick passed away and at the funeral he was honored by the Israeli government, and those of us who worked along side this quiet humble man never new who or what he was. Then we had Harry the Horse Heisner who could eat fire hot peppers with a corned beef sandwich and not blink and eye. We also had a world war two combat photographer named Al Attars and Phil Weinstein who worked doing films for the government at the old Silver Cup factory in Queens, NY. These are just a few of my recollections, Mike Singer, Bob Villandre, Al Townsend, Al Thompkins, Pat Murtha but to name a few, but I am sure it will jog the memory of those who read our site and perhaps peak their interest and they will contribute.