Friday, March 12, 2010

First day of the new "Ernie Kovacs Show" in Studio 55, Lederkranz Hall.
Early afternoon, following "Bride And Groom".
Crew: TD- J.Jack Howerton, AO-Harold Schutzman, VO- Tony Philippe,
Cameras- Cass Gaylord, Teddy Sepp, Joe Sokota, SE- Russ Gainor
Dir.-Ned Kramer (spelling?)
Dir has Cam 2, Teddy,(on a small crane dolly) shooting Kovacs. Dir
tells Cam 1, Cass, to shoot Kovacs also. The only way he can do that
is to shoot ACROSS the tongue of cam 2. Dir now tells cam 2 to pull out.
Obviously cam 2 would have to pull out through cam 1 shot.
Teddy Sepp turns around,looks into the control room window and says
" HOW THE F---- CAN I DO THAT"? I didn't have to read lips.

With 12 minutes left in the show, Kovacs has run out of material. He whispers
to Edie Adams, "sing another song". She whispers back "I only rehearsed one".
Now he needs to fill about 10 minutes. He tell cam 3, Joe, to follow him. Kovacs
knocks down the set(stage left).There is a door out to a fire escape to the
backyards of the houses of Park Avenue. Kovacs has Joe shoot the windows of these
houses on Park Avenue.
All this was only day one. There were many days like it.

Harold Schutzman