Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another day on "The Ernie Kovacs Show"

I think the show budget was about $1.50, so there was no
rehearsal or script. We learned that they did rehearse the
night before at one of their homes but the Director was not
invited. I kept asking, "what comes next" and always got
the same answer "how the hell would I know", from the
Director, Ned Kramer. J.Jack Howerton would never
ready a shot (because he didn't know what comes next.) He
would poke Jack and say, "take it".
When Jack went on vacation, Dick Crane did vacation relief.
Dick would not have any of the pokes or "take it". he got very
angry one day and yelled "DON'T POKE ME. READY THE SHOT.'
There was a lot of anger in the control room.

Harold Schutzman