Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hi Harold,

If I were to guess I'd say you were in Maintenance, is that right? Operations techs are more people persons so we dwell on those things. However, we're always willing to learn. If you think equipment is what you'd like to hear about have at it but as I recall we've had plenty of shop talk. Would you care to reiterate? To you the Golden Days were the advancements in technology, to me the advancements were in programming. Unfortunately technology continues to advance & programming is going the other way. When did it all fall apart? I used to think the commercials were separations in the program now it's the other way around. We used to have four or five channels of exciting entertaining, well engineered shows that seems to have lasted for about twenty to twenty five years then they became fair to midlin' shows now we have a hundred or more stations of mostly controlled news, not funny comedies & fair to poor entertainment. The internet has taken over & those of us without computers or access to it are being lost to our old friends. As you can see, I've lost a few hundred of mine in the past years. Too bad we can't get more of the techs, former (you know who you are because I've mentioned this to some of you personally) & present day, to acknowledge this website & submit gems in order to keep it more vibrant. To any of you who know someone who you feel can add to this site give them a nudge. This place is important, it's like maintaining a family genealogy. Sorry, I do tend to ramble. Looking forward to hearing from more of you. Goody