Friday, January 22, 2010

TVs First woman Director Dies

On 1/21/10 3:24 PM, "David Schwartz" wrote:

I just got word this afternoon that Frances Buss, who was the first women director at network television (CBS) died earlier this week.

She began working for CBS in 1941 and was an on camera assistant to Gil Fates on the CBS Television Quiz. In the mid 40’s she began directing shows for CBS and was one of the two directors on the first color TV broadcast in June 1951. She directed many of CBS’ color shows that summer including a Brooklyn Dodger broadcast.

She was also the director of Winner Take All in 1951 for CBS and Mike & Buff (Mike Wallace & Buff Cobb). She retired from CBS in the mid 50’s.

Several years ago she did an oral interview for the TV Academy’s “Archive of American Television”

The Archive of American Television interview with Frances can be found here. Nice, feisty lady.