Monday, January 25, 2010

Thomas Brennan

Hello CBS Alum,

You have Johnny Brennan deceased in 2006.
All I can say is, there must be another Johnny Brennan.

John Thomas Brennan age 85, who worked out of CBS 57th street and Blackrock Bldg , and was one of the first Cameraman on TV for CBS is still alive and well! Needless to say , he made a humorous reference to the fact that he was listed as deceased. I do not believe I can write it in this email. Ha, Ha.

He still reminisces about his TV family at CBS. If you have any questions please email me.

By the way , He is looking to replace a CBS hat that he has had for years. Any idea where I can get one for him? He just wants the CBS logo with the eye.

Good to see this site still up and running. Does this site have a Facebook account/link?


Lauren Brennan Stellwagen
mommystell at