Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Subject: Johnny Brennan

Hi Mr Freed.

My father started CBS in 1950 and was on the Ed Sullivan show as a camerman.
He also did the Ken Murray show, Fred Waring, Arthur Godfrey, Person to
Person , As The World Turns , Love of Life,Darren McGavin, 60 minutes,
Goodson Todman. This is just a few of the shows that he did. Johnny was
with Studio Show Crews of technical operations.
He mentioned many names and remembers you as well. Patty Finn, Bill Kenny,
Norm Ferro, Casey Caughey, Herb Claudio, Stan Gould, Dennis Pat McBride,
Charlie Lyons, James Mcarthy, Fred Schutz, Don Morrow (Guest Voice overs),
Frances the makeup artist and many more. I am going to be setting him up
a FB page in the near future in hopes he can reconnect with some friends.

My Dad mentioned perhaps it was "Johnny Brennan" the stage hand
who had passed.

Thank you for your email. It made my dad's day.

Laura Brennan Stellwagen