Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hi Dave:

This is in response to the posting by Jim Herschel, asking about a
studio on the east side.

Over the years, it appears that CBS "recycled" studio numbers, so
some studios of the same number could have been in different
locations at various times.

My understanding about that east side studio used by ATWT is this:

It was called Studio 52 during the time that show was there. Prior
to ATWT, it was the site for "The Edge of Night". When Edge was
using that studio, World Turns was in the BC, using Studios 41 and
42. After Edge left CBS to go to ABC, the east side location was
renovated, and ATWT went to that location.

The studio was once a theater, the Monroe Theater. Located on First
Avenue, at the corner of 76th Street. And it was a very nice east
side neighborhood. Nice restaurants nearby for meal breaks, and a
pleasant area to stroll or go for a walk. That is, once you were
there! It took a bit of subway navigation to get over there from the
PABT or the BC. Or some bus rides.

In January of 1997, ATWT vacated CBS's facilities and went to the
former NBC Brooklyn Studio, which was purchased by some former NBC
employees and re-worked to accommodate ATWT.

There was a Studio 53, or rather CR 53 back at the BC. It was the
"swing" control room, which was squeezed in between 41 and 42 at the
BC, and used as a temporary control room for each control room that
was being updated with new facilities.

Studios 51 and 54 during that era, were those at 26th Street, between
7th and 8th Avenues. Guiding Light used 51, and eventually 54 (the
upstairs studio).

73 de Ray